Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mongoose testing-development @ Greenwood IR.........

First test of the Mongoose at Greenwood International Raceways

Mongoose I Charcoal test at Greenwood IR Indianola IA

The mongoose received a lot of attention with people swarming all over it where ever it appeared. They were both mystified and fascinated by the thought that a car like the Mongoose could be designed and built in Des Moines, IA. 

Mongoose I Charcoal test at Greenwood IR Indianola IA

Part of the early testing and development of the Mongoose took place on the track at Greenwood International Raceways just south of  Indianola, IA, about 29 miles from Des Moines. Sometimes Greenwood raceway would be made available for test days. 

Mongoose I Charcoal test at Greenwood IR Indianola IA

The Mongoose even raced at Greenwood International several times, but DNF'd (Did Not Finish) each time. The first time was from a stupid engine fire mishap in the pits at Greenwood before a race. While the cylinder head was off and the head gasket was being changed, the electric fuel pump unexpectedly went off with a turn of the ignition switch by the crew chef as he was trying to turn the motor over. It spraying the engine with gas, simultaneously
igniting it with the spark from the spark plugs and burning up all the wiring. After putting out the ensuing gas fire by spraying fire extinguisher powder like compound all over the engine compartment including the open side of the engine. it was decided that day was hopelessly over.

The second time out at Greenwood the Mongoose got stuck in the mud because of spinning out (in) on the first corner after coming from last place on the starting grid to being the first one into the corner. After passing all the other entries at the drop of the starting flag. When I, in the Mongoose was spinning out of control on the first corner, I was remembering my old lesson from drivers school and Dick Doane saying: I want to see you go off every corner so you know what the limits are. Well, the Mongoose's limits were SURE learned that day. LOL

I spent the rest of the race,
much to the crowds amusement, relentlessly trying to dig the Mongoose out of the mud with a wooden slat from a snow fence that I had found near by and had broken off. Also putting out a grass fire that was started by the hot exhausts coming out of the stuck Mongoose. LOL

 Mongoose II racing at Greenwood Indianola IA

The Mongoose and a Volkswagen Bug

The Mongoose could hide behind a Volkswagen bug. IA childhood best-friend brought over his VW bug convertible just to prove the point. The Mongoose was shorter in height and length. You couldn't even see the Mongoose parked on the other side of his Volkswagen.

You couldn't even see the Mongoose from the Volkswagen side

 Up the stairs behind on the left was my apartment/Photography studio,
over my folks corner grocery store, behind right is the garage the Mongoose was actually built in.

Mongoose III Final Edition Racing Orange with Dual Air Meters 
DM, Iowa --with an lowa National Guard tank.

The final edition was the Mongoose III Racing Orange was the result of two and a half years of development, hours of hard work as well as many lessons learned the hard way, and ready for war. LOL.

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